About this Collection

We’re proud to offer Tritan drinkware that’s stylish and durable, no matter the setting. Choose from our collection of decorated double wall tumblers, or our line of colorful clear tumblers to complete your perfect tablescape or party lineup. Whether indoors or out, our drinkware not only looks great, it performs.

Why is Tritan better than glass?

Our Tumblers are made with Tritan™ from Eastman, so they’re clearly better. Tritan looks like glass, until you drop it. That means it has the style and quality you’re looking for when you purchase a glass product, but you get superior shatter resistance and a lighter product with tritan. Learn more at tritanfromeastman.com

  • Superior clarity and gloss that lasts even after multiple uses
  • Better durability, shatter and impact resistance
  • Dishwasher durability
  • Temperature resistance for both freezing and hot liquids
  • Reliable safety and a proven
  • BPA-free product